We have one more whole weekend of special events coming up at our Davidsonville location this Saturday and Sunday.  Here's the illustrated, annotated calendar of talks and workshops.  To register for classes, call customer service at 410.798.5000.  See ya there!

Saturday, March 24



Photography at 10 a.m.
Have you ever been frustrated when you have a problem with your plant and you can't get a close up photo of the problem? Or you want to capture that honeybee on film and it doesn't even show up on your photo? Edwin Remsberg will show us how to take better close-ups of the problems, as well as the pretty stuff.  FREE

(Remsberg has enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a photojournalist and more recently, traveling the U.S. for the Department of Agriculture and the State of Maryland for MD's Extension Service.  He also teaches photography to faculty at the University of Maryland.)



Fairy Gardens at 11 a.m.
The housing market is tough all around. So how about creating the perfect home for fairies? An ethereal container garden for both inside or out is the ideal home for fairies, pixies and sprites. For believers of all ages.  Pre-registration required -$30.



Meadowscaping at noon
Catherine Zimmerman, author of Urban and Suburban Meadows,  combines her expertise in photography, storytelling, environmental issues, horticulture and organic practices to offer meadowscaping as a lawn alternative.  FREE

Planting a Strawberry Pot at 1 p.m.
For gardeners with little space but a yen for homegrown strawberries, a strawberry pot is the perfect solution. Come choose from several sweet varieties to plant and take home. Pre-registration required - $25.



Growing Fruit Trees in Maryland at 2 p.m.
Think you can’t grow persimmons and pomegranates? Think again! Terry Freed of Eastern Shore Nursery will tell us how to care for them as well as other fruit trees here in Maryland.  FREE

Sunday, March 25

Terrariums: Gardening in Miniature at 10 a.m.
Think of it as the tropics under glass! Create a stunning and lush terrarium garden as an elegant accent to any room. A fascinating project that is great for folks of all ages. All supplies and plants are included. Pre-registration required - $30.

Plant an Herb Bowl at 11 a.m.
Herbs thrive in a container garden and make a great accent to your porch, patio, deck or any outside area. So spice (or herb) it up with basil, mint, parsley, chives, thyme, oregano, sage, rosemary and lavender to name  a few.  Pre-registration required - $20.

Kids’ Salad Bowl at noon.
Kids will plant lettuce seeds to take home and enjoy.  Pre-registration required - $10.



Totally Tropical at 1 p.m.
If you’ve always believed tropicals to be fussy, get this - they’re incredibly heat-tolerant and most of them bloom all summer long! Find out how to spice up containers, patios and landscapes with some well-chosen hotties. FREE

Q & A with Gene Sumi at 2 p.m.
Is there a pest that gets you every year no matter what you try? Problem with the lawn? Your tomatoes have blossom rot? Bring your questions to Gene for some expert answers.

Strawberry pie photo creditFig photo crditPawpaw photo credit.  Herb garden photo credit. Child growing lettuce photo credit.

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