Sure, any shopper will want to buy hostas when they look anything like THIS in the garden center - gorgeous!  But the wise, budget-conscious shopper picks them up NOW, as they're fading and frankly pretty ugly, because they're half-off.  Counting myself as a budget-conscious gardener, I was happy to find one of my all-time favorites - Sir Frances Williams - on the perennial shelf at Homestead Davidsonville, which you see below.


Sir Frances Williams in mid-October, and what they'll look like next spring.


See how sad it's looking now in its waning days before it goes completely dormant?  But when it starts growing in my garden it'll produce the HUGE, crinkly green and chartreuse leaves on a plant that's a bold accent in full or half shade.   After my former garden acquired a herd of deer I realized I had too many hostas to spray them all, and simply gifted them away, not realizing how much I'd miss them.  In my new deer-free garden I'm gleefully acquiring my old faves and MORE.


Hostas at Chanticleer Garden.




In a shady front yard.


The Selection

Here are the Hosta varieties I found in Davidsonville today.  To see what they look like, just put "hosta" and the variety name in Google and hit "images."  Here's what you'd find for 'Francee'. 

  • Inniswood
  • Elegans
  • Liberty
  • Golden Meadows
  • Revolution
  • Yellow River
  • Blue Angel
  • Barbara Ann
  • June
  • Shade Fanfare
  • Sir Frances Williams
  • Fortunii hyacinthina
  • Antioch
  • Great Expectations
  • Brim Cup
  • Royal Standard
  • Francee
  • Paul's Glory
  • Dark Shadows

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