The start of fall brings changing leaves and crisp, cool evenings. It’s the perfect time of year for outdoor entertaining and enjoying your patio. After a long summer, it’s also a good time for a patio makeover.

Make Your Patio More Comfortable

Cushions are incredibly important to making your patio furniture comfortable and inviting. After seeing use during the summer, most patio cushions will need to be cleaned during your patio makeover. Some cushions are fully machine washable, or have machine washable covers. Others will need to be cleaned with a sponge and hot, soapy water. Alternatively, you can wash large cushions in a large tub or baby pool and let them air dry. Once your cushions are dry, you can spray them with a fabric protector to help them resist moisture and stains.

To keep cushions clean during the fall, frequently brush off leaves and other debris that can cause a stain if left on cushions. Bring the cushions under cover if it’s expected to rain, or whenever they’re not in use. You can also make your patio more festive this season with fall colored cushions or seasonally-themed throw pillows and blankets. These simple touches can bring warmth and personality to your space.

Plant Fall Containers

Replanting container gardens is another great way to spruce up your patio for fall. There are a number of plants that are perfect for fall, including conifers, evergreens, mums, pansies, and snapdragons, as well as flowering cabbage and kale. These cold-hardy varieties will bring life to your space after your summer plants are done for the season. When planting fall containers, fill them more tightly than summer containers. The plants grow more slowly during fall, when there are fewer hours of daylight.

When you’re selecting a container to plant in, consider whether or not you’ll be leaving it outdoors all winter. Ceramic, terracotta, and clay pots should not be left out during the winter. This is because when water freezes inside them, it expands and can crack them. This is especially true for unglazed pots because they’re porous.

Add a Fire Pit

A fire pit will be the focal point of any evening gathering, whether you’re hosting a party or just enjoying the cool weather with your family. You can find instructions to create a DIY fire pit online. Alternatively, Homestead Gardens has ready-to-use fire pits available for your patio makeover.

Grow Fall-Blooming Perennials

Fall is also a great time to add fall-blooming perennials to the gardens around your patio. Plants like mums, asters, goldenrod, and toad lilies can add color to your yard each autumn. Fall-blooming perennials are also wonderful for pollinators, offering them additional food sources before winter.

A patio makeover can help it stay cozy and inviting for another season. Use these tips to make sure your patio is comfortable and festive for outdoor living and fall get-togethers.

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