Fall Planting Checklist


As the leaves begin to change with the season and cool, crisp breezes bring way to football games and bonfires you know that fall is here.

This season is actually one of the busiest for gardeners. There’s much to do between harvesting summer veggies, seeding for fall and prepping for the coming seasons.

Fall in love with fall with this to-do list from The Espoma Company. Prep extra now to start winter and spring off right, too!

7 Things to Do in the Garden This Fall

  1. Start by Deadheading. Give flowerbeds a fresh look by deadheading and removing plants that have stopped blooming. Do maintenance in the morning before the temperature is too hot.
  2. Keep on Planting. After you’ve harvested your remaining summer veggies, you can plant fall crops and begin transplants!
  3. Preserve Your Harvest. Experiment with making jams or pickles, and try freezing raw fruit, veggies or herbs. Make sauce out of your tomatoes, or slow-roast them.
  4. Grow Bigger Flowers. Keep annuals blooming as long as possible. The key to success? Use Espoma's new Bloom! liquid fertilizer.   
  5. Winterize Now! Start with your garden’s watering system. Cover plants when necessary during the first few frosts of the season. Gradually transition houseplants indoors.
  6. tomato-711827_640Divide and Conquer. Divide and split your perennials, dig and store tender bulbs like dahlias and caladiums, and start planting spring flowering bulbs.
  7. Feed Tomatoes. Sprinkle some Tomato-tone on plants to give them a final boost.

With these tips, your Fall landscape will be looking better than ever!



The Espoma Company has been the pioneer in natural gardening solutions since 1929. Espoma provides an extensive selection of natural products that work in harmony with nature and are safe for people, pets and the planet. The company produces more than 100 products to cover the nutritional needs of plants and to grow beautiful lawns and gardens. Visit espoma.com for more information and tips about organic gardening.  

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