When it comes to Thanksgiving, there's no question that the main event each year is the hearty Turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing dinner you share with loved ones. Sure, some people like to enjoy the holiday by watching the big game in their favorite recliner, but watching football and taking a nap afterward is way better when your stomach is full of delicious food. When setting the table with your mouth-watering dishes, adorn the surface with stylish decor as well. These five fall tablescape ideas enhance the main event on Thanksgiving to make it even more special for everyone.

1. Set up unique flower arrangements

Flowers are commonly used as centerpieces, but you can make yours stand out by trying out new arrangements. To give your table a seasonal style, turn pumpkins and gourds into vases and use them to showcase red, orange, yellow and/or white flowers. Autumn Leaves and Orange Spice poinsettias are great additions to any Thanksgiving decor and as indicated by the name, the bracts resemble the color of leaves in the fall. This simple trick turns an ordinary centerpiece into a creative display friends and family are sure to admire.

2. Incorporate traditional fall colors with garland

By Thanksgiving, most of the leaves outside have fallen and been raked. You can still enjoy the beautiful fall foliage, however, simply by decorating your table with an autumn garland. A garland featuring golden, orange and brown hues looks great on a long table and prevents any part of the table from appearing bare. 

3. Try nontraditional colors for a fresh feel

If you're tired of decorating with the same colors each fall season, try a new set of colors to liven up your table's look. Kelly green with purple or magenta still provides the rich style you love this time of year, but in a creative new way. It also gives you the opportunity to adorn your table with fresh green plants.

4. Go rustic with natural materials and outdoor treasures

To design a rustic-theme tablescape, bring in natural decor such as pine cones, twigs and acorns. Not only does this help you create a charming centerpiece, but it's also a very affordable way to decorate!

5. Create a cozy look with candles

No matter what centerpiece idea you choose for your table, you can easily complete the look with a set of candles. White candles are cozy and improve the ambience in any room. Be careful when choosing scents, as a heavy fragrance can take away from the smell of your delicious food!

Gather friends and family around a welcoming, festive table. For more great ideas on how to set up a table that wows or to gather supplies, visit your local Homestead Gardens today.

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