Lawn Maintenance

Now that the snow has melted away, you're left looking at what winter has done to your lawn. There's a good chance you have tree and leaf debris scattered around, as well as other yard waste that didn't get raked up last fall and was matted down with the grass under the weight of the snow. To give the soil some rejuvenation, the staff at Homestead Gardens recommends you rake the entire yard and then take the following steps to help it grow in green and lush this summer...

5 Tips to Prep Your Lawn for Spring:

1. Check for bare spots - Bare spots might be the result of snow removal, salt runoff or too much water caused by snow melt, and they're easy to see come spring. Plant grass seed in these spots to improve the appearance of your lawn early in the season.

2. Aerate the yard - This loosens the soil and brings oxygen to the root structure of your grass.

3. Fertilize - We grow cool-season grasses in Maryland, so it makes sense to lightly fertilize the entire yard early in spring. Additionally, time your fertilization so you'll be finished working when the hotter months arrive in July and August.

4. Set up a watering schedule - Grass needs water, and a sprinkler system is the easiest way to deliver it. The staff advises that most types of grass need only an inch of water a week, so consider installing a rain gauge somewhere in your yard to help you monitor how much water it receives from natural rainfall and your sprinkler system.

5. Mow higher - Set your lawn mower deck at 3 inches or higher to keep your grass looking greener. This will also help it remain healthy if it doesn't get enough water.

With these tips, you can have your lawn looking beautiful this spring and all summer long!

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