Bloom Day

On the 15th of every month, over 150 garden bloggers from around the world take part in a fun event - posting photos of what's blooming in their garden.   Garden Blogger Bloom Day was launched by the very popular Indiana blogger at May Dreams Gardens years ago and it's gotten more popular every month since.  Here's the link to her own Bloom Day post today and scroll down to find links to all the other Bloom Day posts.    Bloggers in the coldest climates won't be posting today or probably until next April but lucky us in Maryland, we still have plenty to show off.   So here's what blooming or "blooming" (with color from leaves or fruit) on my street in Takoma Park, MD.


It's not for nothing that 'Knockout' roses are so popular - they're still going strong on November 15 and displaying perfect, disease-free foliage.  The top photo shows a nice mass of reds in my neighborhood.

Below, going rogue on the official meaning of "blooming," I'm showing off a neighbor's maple that easily rivals any blooms for sheer impact.  Or, as they're constantly saying on HGTV, pop.

And finally, how's this for pop in the garden the week before Thanksgiving, huh?




Next month I'm afraid there won't be anything to see in anyone's garden on my street, so I promise to show off what's "blooming" at the garden center, both indoors and out.   Til December 15!

Other Bloom Day Observers in our Area

Just two.  There's Jennah's Garden in Hollywood, MD.  And the Washington Gardener Blog from Silver Spring, MD.

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