Garden Ornaments

Gardening in summer heat and drought isn't much fun - there, I said it!  It's all-watering-all-the-time, and no new growth to enjoy.  So it's times like now (and also in the dead of winter) that I wish I had more ornaments in my garden.  Whimsical personal touches make gardens so much more interesting!  And sometimes they make us smile, which I believe has a cooling effect.  (Okay, I made that up.)

Garden Ornaments

Anyway, here are some examples from gardens in the Seattle area, photographed just last week, that either make me smile, want to buy 'em, or both.

This bench, covered with concrete leaf impressions, is more for show than utility.

The ornament above is filled with plants so may need to be watered, but only in a super-long drought.  Succulents - don't you love them?

Sorry about the harsh light here (a tourist doesn't have much choice), but in this scene notice the 3-foot stand on the left that's planted with donkey's tail sedum, and the globe-filled birdbath in the center.  Although this border owes most of its success to variations in foliage color, nonplant ornaments are great additions that don't add to the water bill.

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