Child's Play

Is there anything more fun for child than planting a garden from seed and watching with eager anticipation for the very first shoots to appear?

Edible Gardening

The popularity of edible gardening has taken on a life of its own recently, and some of its biggest fans are also its youngest. And it’s good for them, too. The American Gardening Association reports that 98 percent of kids who grow their own vegetables will also eat them. Even children know that growing an herb or veggie themselves provides the tastiest results.

Growums™ is a new line of kid-approved gardening starter kits with a personable cast of characters presenting some delicious herb and veggie themes. Everything that a young person needs to get started growing their own garden is contained in a fun, colorful plastic pot.

Seeds and coco pellets are packaged together to form a taco garden, pizza garden, herb garden, stir-fry garden, salad garden—even a ratatouille garden. Growums™ are now at Homestead Gardens (Davidsonville location only) in the garden supply department. Bring your children and have them pick out their favorites!

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