Homestead Gardens is where you'll find delightful - and amazingly easy to care for - succulent plants for both your indoor and patio gardens. Succulents are perfect for shining solo in a unique and small pot, or for creating a colorful and distinctive garden featuring different shapes and textures.


succulent-bowlThe Homestead Gardens staff members love mixing and matching varieties of echevaria, agave, haworthia, kalanchoe, sedum and sempervivum succulents because these plants present a beautiful diversity of heights, leaf patterns and colorful flowers. Plant them in rock gardens on the patio or using porous soil in artistic containers for a creative living decoration inside your home. Succulent container gardens work wonderfully in the Chesapeake Bay region because they can be brought inside into a sunny spot during the colder months for continuous enjoyment.

If you haven't worked with succulents before, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to design a succulent garden. Try these tips from the Homestead Gardens staff, and you'll appreciate the resulting beautiful garden.

Steps for Succulent Care

1. Choose your succulents. Visit the Homestead Gardens retail stores to find the cacti that best match your design tastes and personality. Pre-planted varieties are also available for sharing as gifts.succulents-strawberry-pot

2. Use the correct soil. Succulents don't like to be wet, so porous, well-draining soil is the best option for your garden.

3. Pick a container. Any vessel will work for succulents, as long as it drains well. Many succulent varieties don't need a lot of soil and can happily live in a space as small as a large sea shell or a decorative tea cup.

4. Plant and decorate. Use a layer of sand or decorative topping for additional decor. Add some colorful accents like you would for a fairy garden, water once every other week and watch your garden thrive!


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