While we're all abuzz over the Academy Awards show last night, we have some awards of our own to hand out - best gardens in movies!  No, not the how-to videos we reviewed recently on the blog, but gorgeous and interesting gardens that play a part in the story.  Here are some favorites.


Greenfingers stars Clive Owen in the true story of a man who learned to garden in prison and went on to win a prize at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Angels and Insects, based on a story by A.S. Byatt,  shows the clash between Victorian society and the passionate nature of an Amazon-exploring entomologist.

In Atonement, the plot-driving action takes place in one of those grand English gardens.

Adaptation is the genre-bending scripted story based on the nonfiction Orchid Thief by Susan Orleans.  Starring Meryl Streep!

Saving Grace is often cited by gardeners as their favorite gardening movie - because it's all about gardening, though certainly not the kind practiced by Homestead customers (we hope!)




It's Complicated is another Streep movie, and her character's California veg garden got a lot of notice in the gardening world.  Some complained that it looked too perfect but hey, it's the movies.

Enchanted April features another perfect garden, this one in Italy.

In Draughtman's Contract we see formal English gardens and high hedges everywhere.

Kill Bill - surprise choice! - includes scenes in a snow-covered garden.

Sense and Sensibility by director Ang Lee is a frequent choice of gardeners for Best use of Garden in a Movie.

And of course, The Secret Garden, much of which takes place in a lovely garden.   It's a great movie for all ages.

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