Gladys Rodriguez

Since leaving Cuba for the U.S. 40 years ago, Gladys Rodriguez (Homestead's human relations director) has become as American as they come - and maybe more so than some of us born here and taking it all for granted.  That's my reaction when I heard about her work to help the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.  And it was to raise money for that good cause that she cooked up the idea of a cookbook, filled with favorites of Marine families and supporters.  Since its launch in July of '09, the sale of the book has raised $18,800 for the fund.  All of the $10 price, after printing cost, goes to the fund.

Gladys made me promise to thank Homestead for carrying the book in its stores,  with no markup for the company - and selling 337 copies so far.  Homestead also hosts yearly fundraisers for the Fund - selling raffle tickets for $100 gift certificates to Homestead, and similar prizes donated by local restaurants.

How to Contribute?

Buy the book, available at both Homestead locations.  Or email Gladys ( to buy directly from her.

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