Glorious Ground Covers

On a recent garden tour there was lots to admire - vast sweeps of shrubs and perennials, grand views, pools and ponds - but I especially loved the creative uses ground covers.  Here's a look, as best as I could capture in bright sun.

The collection of ground covers above is clearly the work of a real gardener.  I spy ajugas mixed with purple oxalis, ferns and rose campion underneath hydrangeas and a Cryptomeria.

Everyone's favorite ornamental grass for shady spots is the Japanese forest grass used to great effect here along some stairs.

Above, blooming in deep shade, is Saxifraga stolonifera.

Above is Brunnera, probably 'Jack Frost', paired effectively with a coleus.

Above and below, astilbes and hostas pairied with oakleaf hydrangeas.

Hellebores make an excellent ground cover for shade, and they're evergreen.  Oh, and they bloom when nothing else does - beginning in February.

Shady Path

A shady path is covered with Mazus.

Above, the annual Angelonia blooming like crazy, even in shade.

Above, more Ajuga, paired with some Japanese sedges and a hosta.

I love this combination - water, a fabulous pot, and a skirt of Creeping Jenny.

Finally, in this tiny planting be in the midst of patio is a little grouping that wows.  It includes a dwarf rose, some salvias, and a few annuals.



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