If you're like me, you're suffering garden withdrawal this time of year, which is why I turn to gardening media to get me through the winter.  That means books and magazines and the occasional (too occasional) television show, of course, but what's new and good are gardening podcasts and today I'm recommending one of my favorites.

Horticulture Magazine's "Garden Confidential" podcast by Andrew Keys isn't just educational; it's fun and actually hip.  Andrew's a big fan of NPR's "This American Life" show and uses some of the same techniques to relate stories about the intersection of plants and people.  Note:  they're not so much how-to's or tips, but stories.  He told me he "wanted to take it up a notch", and after hearing several episodes I can say he's done that in this one-man-show, where he does it all, including hours of editing and adding sound effects.

So for your listening pleasure, get over to Fine Gardening and listen up.  Or to hear the first six episodes of his podcast, when it was called "Radio Garden," click here.

The Unofficial Bio

Andrew "was born in the bottomlands of Mississippi, a stone’s throw from New Orleans" and was "descended from dairymen, cotton and cane farmers."  He's always been crazy about plants but took a different turn in college, studying journalism and public relations (U.Memphis), then moved to Boston where he wrote for PR Newswire.  Then for a career change he studied architecture, but quickly veered to environmental policy (at Tufts), which got him closer (finally) to the plant world.  His resume also includes 10 years of web design, which he still does.

Then in 2009, because everybody was telling him he should design gardens, he started his design business where he gets to combine his loves for plants, design AND environmental advocacy.  Currently he's pursuing a certificate in native plant horticulture and design from the New England Wildflower Society.

Andrew's a big fan of networking - online and in person - because so many opportunities have come to him via Twitter and attending just one Garden Writers meeting (where he met the folks from Horticulture Magazine).  Andrew also blogs at Garden Smackdown, where he dares to go off-topic any time he gets the urge.  He's also one of the gang at the Garden Designers Roundtable.

See, this guy is everywhere!  And gardening is more interesting for it -  and a little hipper.

Podcast Listening in the Garden

Sure, you can sit at your computer and listen but I prefer downloading podcasts to my handy-dandy iPod - the little Shuffle that clips so easily onto your shirt and is easy to manipulate without reading glasses or clean hands!  Of course iPods are great for doing housework or working out, but what better place than the garden to listen to "Garden Confidential"?

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