Most people view bees as just a nuisance and wish to get rid of them, but as a gardener, you understand just how beneficial these insects truly are. Like butterflies and hummingbirds, bees are pollinators that work hard to make fruit and seeds. Without them, growing fresh fruits and vegetables in your backyard would be impossible. The problem for you, however, isn't an abundance of bees, but a lack of them! Fortunately, you can employ some simple, natural strategies to attract pollinators. Try these four tips to get started.  

Plant Native Flowers Rich 

Native plants like Virginia Bluebells, Native Columbine and Purple Coneflower attract pollinators, and because they are adapted to Maryland's environment they are low maintenance. Stop by your local Homestead Gardens to browse their entire native selection.

Choose a Variety to Keep a Continuous Supply of Food in Your Backyard

You'll have the best luck attracting bees, butterflies and hummingbirds if you provide food for a longer period of time. Choose a variety of perennials and annuals to keep your garden blooming as long as possible. Our experts can help you choose the best combination for your backyard. 

Set Out a Supply of Water

By growing pollen-rich flowers, you're providing bees and other insects with food. You'll want to give them water for drinking as well! Set out a shallow container filled with water or set up a birdbath for a charming accent in your garden. 

Provide Protection

Give your pollinators a home to hide and protect themselves. Piles of loose branches and twigs or a wild area of the lawn can be a perfect place for nesting.  

Create a garden both you and pollinators can enjoy. Homestead Gardens offers everything you need to start planning your oasis today.


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