Thinking about adding a furry friend to the family? If this is your first time adopting a pet, you'll want to explore your options before deciding on an animal. Some animals require a lot of space and your time, and they can be expensive to care for. As for bonding, you'll find that not all animals are super cuddly and friendly.

One animal every first-time pet owner should consider is a guinea pig. Small, low-maintenance and warm, these cute creatures are adored by kids and adults of all ages. Here are six reasons you'll love having a guinea pig in your home.

1. Grooming is easy

Short-haired guinea pigs require little grooming, as they can take care of their coat well. Long-haired guinea pigs require a little more care, such as bathing every few months and brushing their hair frequently to prevent tangles. Both types of guinea pigs will need their nails trimmed. 

2. Guinea pigs don't require a lot of toys

A tunnel where they can hide and space to run around is about all guinea pigs need to stay active and happy. You won't have to waste money on trendy toys if you bring a guinea pig home.

3. They don't need that many supplies, either

A good-size cage filled with food and fresh water are all your guinea pig needs to thrive. Guinea pigs eat hay, pelleted food and vegetables, or a vitamin C supplement, as they can't produce enough vitamin C on their own.

4. Guinea pigs get all the exercise they need indoors

With a guinea pig, you won't have to go on walks outside in the middle of winter to ensure he gets exercise. An hour or so outside of his cage allows guinea pigs to stay active, and it prevents them from getting bored.

5. Your children can easily care for a guinea pig

Because guinea pigs are low-maintenance, they are a great pet for kids. Having a guinea pig is a great opportunity to teach your little ones responsibility without compromising excellent care!

6. Guinea pigs are straight-up adorable

Small, furry and friendly, guinea pigs make both a cute and cuddly pet. Plus, they make all sorts of adorable sounds! Like cats, guinea pigs purr when they are happy. They also make squeaks, cooing, chirps and grunts.

If you feel a guinea pig is right for your family, get ready to bring one home by stopping at your local Homestead Gardens today. Here you can find high-quality supplies to care for your new pet.

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