Spring Pruning

Have you done all your spring pruning  yet?  We're talking wisteria, roses, butterfly bush, caryopteris, late-blooming spirea and hydrangea.  Click here for our spring pruning overview with details and links to more. And for more about pruning roses (preferably something you did last month but it's still do-able), here's the link to Gene Sumi's advice.

Flowers and Shrubs

On top of all those shrubs, I recently did the renewal pruning on my large border of cherry laurels and was surprised by the huge quantities I needed to remove.   Seriously, it took 11-12 armfuls to haul all the pruned branches to my neighborhood brush pile.  Here's lots more about renewal pruning of cherry laurels, and azaleas, too.  For the azaleas you may want to wait until the blooms are fading.

Now get out those loppers and pruners and get to work!

Posted by Susan Harris.

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