'Tis the season to deck the house in garland and lights, and maybe an illuminated lawn ornament or two! If you're planning to flip the switch and light your house and yard up with festive color this season, consider the following tips and tricks to make your decorating easier and less expensive to run.

Put a Timer on the Lights

Once you have everything up and running, you don't want to have to plug it in each evening and the unplug it before you go to bed. Instead, the staff at Homestead Gardens recommends that you use photo-cell outdoor timers that turn your illuminated decorations on at dusk, and then turns them off at dawn. If you don't want to leave the lights on all night, programmable timers allow you to determine when your lighting-feature pieces will be lit.

Eliminate Extra Wires with Batteries

Want to hang a lit wreath on your front door, but can't figure out how to plug it in without having a cord caught in the doorway? New battery-operated pre-lit wreaths and garland are available at Homestead Gardens, and they make it easy to decorate without the cord hassle.

lightkeeper-proFix Those Broken Lights

The Lightkeeper Pro tool is a favorite of Homestead Gardens staff because it allows you to fix light sets quickly and easily, which means you can use a strand year after year.



Make it All Digital

Would you be surprised to know there's an app designed to allow you to control your lighting? Lumenplay app-enabled lights allow you to customize your indoor and outdoor lights by changing colors, lighting effects and even setting the lights to music. Just use your web-enabled tablet or smartphone and the Lumenplay app to digitize your light display, and you'll be able to really wow the neighborhood!

Find out more about the holiday lighting selection at Homestead Gardens.

If decorating just isn't your thing, but you still want to celebrate the season with yard lights and garland, let the Homestead Gardens Landscape Division take care of installing your decorations for you. Visit our landscape division page or call 410-867-6336 to learn more!

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