Homestead Gardens Inspired Holidays by Rita Calvert

Did you notice the SPECIAL BONUS? Our discount coupon for Ladies Night December 6 (in both stores) is just that! The coupon can be used in the bird and garden departments!


There is no doubt we are smitten with the birds of our region.; just look at the size of the bird department at Homestead Gardens! Our feathered friends can haul it in this year with  our plethora of bird houses, feeders, treats and seed piled high in the birdie department.


 Many of the bird feeders are proud to say they are made in the USA. Squirrels a problem? You've got to get one of our Top of the Line feeders by Droll Yankee which come in 4 different methods for outfoxing that squirrel: Whipper, Flipper, Tipper, Dipper.



The copper feeders shown above hold up very well in the elements. They come with excellent directions to keep them copper shiny or let them weather to a beautiful patina.


People in this region do grill year ‘round, they tell me at Homestead Gardens. I know I do! It turns out grills and the fun gear are popular holiday gifts for the guys.

The Green Egg is back with all of its separate componants. The other "egg" grill, the Visions Grill comes with gear included and is still available. 



Of course the entire Weber grilling system is now carried by Homestead Gardens, Davidsonville.


The brightly colored gizmos above are collapsable waterproof buckets!  I found these to be so practical and attractive. I have to tell you, I bought 6 of them for holiday gifts.

IMG_6981Can you name the garden tool above? These are troughs fit for hands of all sizes. No, they don't come in a set, but are available by the "each" Very clever! 


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