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Themes with a Story


You can bet that Homestead Gardens, with elves in place, was thinking ahead about how to make your holidays fun and ‘Fret Free’. They put together a few ensembles to give as gifts and then consume (right up my alley) from food products they have carried for years and know are top of the line. Some of their most loved products hail from local producers. Of course the most popular themes are covered:Who can resist a Sunday afternoon sports event with a gift basket to see you through?  The Berry Lovers anyone?...Everyone? This idea came together from the fabulous sales they see from the McCutcheons jams and preserves.

Holiday remembrances, corporate gifts, favorite all-occasions and that special Thank You  are all covered with no worries for about size, gender or wrapping paper. Don’t you know...everyone appreciates a basket chock full of their favorite martini fixins’ and tied with a bow?



I asked if a corporate or huge quick gift order came in a la moment ... could Homestead Gardens fill it? “No



worries, we are so ready” was the reply. So the advice is, buy a few extra (since $15.95 is the top price) in case those unexpected gift emergencies arise. Now you’re set!

Those Clever Gifty Themed Baskets:

Berry Lovers

Sunday Fun day (Football team themed)

Happy Hour (Martini themed)

Good Morning (pancake mixes and syrup)

Backyard Griller

All American Picnic

I Heart Salsa

I Heart Butter

Apple Lovers

Honey Do (variety of honey)

Bread Dipper

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