You may have visited Homestead Growers, our 250-acre facility just down the road from our Davidsonville store - probably at Christmastime to admire the poinsettias, right? And you got to see cool displays like this.



But prepare to be jealous, now - because as Homestead's gardenblogger, I managed to snag a private tour, on which I snapped these photos:





These scenes from my private "tour" illustrate how Homestead Growers attains its status as a "no run-off facility", which is especially important for a growing facility so close to the Bay. All water is recycled, and none leaves the property. No run-off at ALL. So congratulations to head grower Oliver Storm and his team!

More Grower News - new website and blog!

The other good news to report is that Growers have a gorgeous new website and blog, where readers will find news and lots of photos compiled in Flickr albums - 10 so far. Taken regularly by Alexis Moretti, they provide a sneak peak at what's coming soon to the retail location. Here's just a few.

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