It's amazing how many people, regular customers of Homestead's, don't know we have a whole part of the company that designs and installs landscapes, does regular maintenance, installs holiday lights, and so on.  So here's an short introduction to that part of the company, straight from Jeff Opel, general manager of Homestead Landscaping.


  • Design!  From the simplest to the most complex projects, and fees for the designs vary accordingly (starting as low as $125).  Their designs can include outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, gazebos, stonework, arbors,  around swimming pools (working with a swimming pool designer), drainage solutions, etc.  Many clients ask for full-site master plans, which are broken into logical phases that can be installed gradually, as budget allows.   Serving residential, institutional and commercial clients.
  • Installation, which is priced according to the job.
  • Regular maintenance for residences and commercial or institutional landscapes.   Includes lawn care, weeding, mulching, pruning, etc.  Clients include Atkins Landing and the Annapolis Yacht Club.
  • Lawn restoration includes aeration, top-dressing, seeding and feeding.  All done according to soil tests, so that no products are used unless they're needed.  Only Bay-friendly products are used.
  • Holiday lighting.  Regular clients include Park Place and at many private residences.  And of course they install Homestead's much-loved display.
  • Snow removal.

The People

General manager Jeff Opel is the guy in charge of all this, and his career highlights will please everyone who loves the Bay (all of us!).   He's worked for several Soil Conservation Districts in Maryland, the last being Anne Arundel County for over 18 years.  (The current, much-improved drainage systems for the Eastern Shore are his work.)  He's experienced in shoreline stabilization, stabilizing slopes, and more importantly, navigating through the complex world of permitting.   Asked what new requests he's hearing from clients in our area, Jeff reports a big increase in requests for native plants - and he's happy to respond by providing the very best native plants for Maryland gardens.

The designers - Heather Davidson and Scott Friedman - have degrees in landscape architecture, so they're experts in design AND the no-wiggle-room projects like building gazebos, installing outdoor kitchens, terracing, solving drainage problems, etc.

The landscaping team includes Mike Dudderar, who specializes in landscape maintenance and enhancements to already established landscapes. He also has experience in pruning the most difficult plants, like the Japanese maple, which requires a trained eye to bring out the best of this great plant.  He also handles the lawn maintenance program.  Mike's been with Homestead for over 25 years. Many other members of the field crew have been with Homestead for many years, during which time they've become expert in the creating free-form walls, something that only the very experienced can do well.   The team knows how to care for even the most formal of landscapes.



New or Coming Soon

  • A Landscaping office INSIDE the Davidsonville store, near houseplants, where clients can meet with the designer, walk to nearby plants that are suggested, etc.  Convenient!
  • Starting in the spring of 2012, an all-organic lawn care program will be available.  Jeff has been managing his own lawn organically for two years now, and he's seen great results.

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