Preparing your perennials for winter is essential if you want to see healthy blooms in the spring. Fortunately, some plants are very low-maintenance and require little to thrive. Hostas are a great example, as they don't need a lot of your time and care in order to stay beautiful and growing year after year. That doesn't mean, however, you should leave them completely unattended! One important maintenance task you can tackle each fall is trimming your hostas back after the first hard freeze.

Some of your hosta leaves will begin to yellow in early fall, and you can trim off these leaves if you wish to do so. It's not necessary, however, and you might prefer to enjoy the changing colors when you can. A better approach is to wait for the first frost. The fall's first freeze will kill your hosta leaves and turn your beautiful plant into a brown, unattractive eyesore.

Brown leaves are not the only reason to trim back your hostas. Cutting off dead leaves prevents disease, insects and slugs from hiding out in your plants during the winter. Remove the dead foliage completely from the flowerbed and compost all of the healthy leaves you have (diseased leaves should not be composted).

By simply trimming your hostas, you can prepare your plants for the harsh season of winter to ensure they thrive in spring. Visit your local Homestead Gardens today for more tips on how to take care of your perennials, as well as find gardening supplies.

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