Homestead's all decked out for the holidays and the trains are running!  And if you were one of the hoards of visitors who joined us for the Holiday Preview last Friday night, you already know that.  And the schedule for the famous trains at our Davidsonville location is - always.   Whenever the store is open, the trains ARE running.

Train-lovers always want details, so here's some behind-the-scenes info about ours:

Our Trains

Reggie Pratt here is the familiar "conductor" of our train operation, which he'll tell anyone took four people two full weeks to create.   The whole kit and caboodle fills up an entire sea container - and some - which is stored in an out-of-the-way part of the property.  This year they've added a few new houses to the snow village.

So, is Reggie a real conductor or does he just play one at this time of the year?  In real life he retired from the telephone company in 2000 and has worked at Homestead since 2002, part of merchandiser Scott Daly's team.  This being a family operation, the train's platform was built by Scott's dad.



Send us your photos and videos!
Above is just one local train-lover, but we know there are hundreds more who'll be visiting this season with their photo-snapping parents.  If you're one of those parents and have a favorite shot of your child with the trains or with any of our holiday displays, send it along (to and we'll post it here on the blog.  Ditto if you have video of the trains - we'd love to see it and share it!

In the video below, from 2008, we love Brandon's enthusiasm.

This next video does a great job at capturing the trains.

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