How to Choose a Boarding Stable for your Horse - Your horse is like family, so you already know that selecting a boarding stable requires a lot of thought and consideration. It's essential that the boarding stable you choose offers the same quality of care as you would, and that your horse is happy in his environment. To narrow your options, first take time to determine your top priorities. We've listed five considerations below to help get you started.


The best boarding stable in the state wouldn't be much help to you if the commute were too long. It's important that you are close enough for frequent visits, so decide how far you are willing to drive. This might be 30 minutes or even an hour. If you plan to visit the stable on the weekends, a longer drive might seem easier to accommodate.

Quality of Care

Ask stable workers how often they spend time interacting with each horse, but don't just take their word. Spend time at each stable so you can see these interactions for yourself. Study the horses and try to see if they appear to be well-groomed and clean. Be upfront with what you expect right away to make sure the stable can fulfill those needs.


Are the horses given fresh, clean water? Is the stall filled with new hay each day? How often is manure cleaned up? These are questions you'll want to ask and have answered. Quality care includes offering horses a clean place to live.


If your horse is unfamiliar with herds, it might not be a good idea to send him to a large stable. This also makes it difficult for you to get one-on-one time with your horse. However, if you and your horse prefer large groups, then a bigger stable might be the perfect fit.


If you're an early morning rider, you'll want to find a stable that works with your schedule. Find out which days and hours each stable is open to find the most convenient option.

Finding a boarding stable that meets the needs of you and your horse can be difficult, and you might not find a stable that caters to all of your preferences. However, if you spend time researching and visiting each stable, you'll be able to weed out the bad ones. To ensure your horse is taken good care of at his new stable, you can also bring in your own supply of high-quality products, thanks to Homestead Gardens' great selection; grooming equipment and food. We provide superior products for horses in every stage of life.

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