The decorating of the family Christmas tree is a tradition in many households, and sometimes a family can go through extensive discussions about how to do it just right. Of course, you want the tree to reflect the personality and decor of the house; you want it to be an elegant focal point of the room. Homestead Gardens' Christmas Shop has 40 themed and intricately detailed trees providing inspiration to achieve the desired look in your home. Here are some tips from the Homestead Gardens staff to help you get started:

1. Size of Tree

if you're purchasing a fresh tree or a lifelike Christmas tree, be sure to know the dimensions of your room. For example, rooms with taller ceilings can handle taller trees, but will the diameter of the base be too wide?

2. Lights

We recommend 75-100 mini incandescent lights or 50-75 mini LED lights per foot of tree at minimum to help illuminate the decorations you add later. If you have a taller tree, be aware of the number of lights you'll be using and your electrical supply, as you don't want to overload one circuit. As a safety precaution, always use a power strip instead of plugging lights directly into the outlet.

3. Decorations

Sort your decorations by size, and then add them to the tree one at a time so you can visualize the spacing. Start with the largest decorations first (including garlands), and then work your way down to the smallest. If you have children or pets, make certain you put breakable decorations closer to the top of the tree where they will be out of reach.

4. Finishing Touches

Finish with a top and bottom -Add your topper like a star, angel or flower bouquet, and then carefully drape a tree skirt underneath for a finished look. If you have a fresh tree, be sure to sweep up any fallen needles and to provide access to the stand so you can water frequently.

5. Enjoy

Turn off the lights and admire - Stand back as a family and enjoy the beautiful art you've created!

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