In order to grow a green and luscious lawn in the summer, it's important you take proper care of it before winter strikes. Along with raking leaves and removing any weeds, you can easily support a healthy lawn by applying the right fertilizer in the fall. What is the right fertilizer, you ask? Here are a few tips to narrow down your options.

1. Look at the NPK Ratio

Most fertilizers are labeled with three numbers followed by the letters NPK. This is telling you the Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium ratio of each mixture. So, if you see a bag labeled 15-4-8, that means the fertilizer contains 15 percent nitrogen, 4 percent phosphorous and 8 percent potassium.

Determining the right ratio for your lawn depends on what you're hoping to achieve by applying the fertilizer. Nitrogen supports grass growth and developing a lush lawn, while phosphorus supports the roots. Potassium is a chemical element that improves your lawn's strength and health. Oftentimes you want there to be at least a small percentage of each element. If you have a new lawn, you'll want a higher percentage of phosphorus, as this will support new roots.

2. Consider Going Organic

Synthetic, or man-made fertilizers, can often produce quicker results, but applying too much can also cause damage to your lawn. Organic solutions are the safer option, and they still allow you to grow green and healthy grass. Organic fertilizers are also the eco-friendly solution, helping you lower your impact on the environment.

3. Factor in the Season

The fertilizer you choose for fall will be different from the solution you apply in spring. Because you are preparing your lawn for winter rather than trying to grow grass, you'll want to choose a fertilizer with a high level of phosphorus and potassium to support your lawn's roots and overall health. 

Applying fertilizer is a small step that can make a big difference in lawn care. For more information about finding the right solution for your lawn, visit your local Homestead Gardens today.

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