Now that Halloween is over, you've probably spent the last couple of days taking down and putting away your spooky and festive decor. While your carved Jack-o'-Lanterns can be thrown out, you'll want to save all of those pumpkin seeds you cleaned. Not only do they make tasty treats, but they can also be used for planting your own pumpkin patch. Here's how to use your seeds to get ready for next Halloween. 

1. Choose and store seeds

Sort through your supply and choose the largest seeds to plant. You won't actually be planting your seeds until winter has ended, so it's necessary to store your seeds in a cool and dry spot. The refrigerator is a great place for storing seeds, but you have to protect them from moisture, too. Place your seeds in an envelope and then store the envelope in a container that has holes in the lid. 

2. Determine timing 

To grow pumpkins in time to carve for next year's Halloween, you'll want to plant your seeds after the last frost of the season. Late spring is best for those who live north in colder climates. In warmer regions, pumpkins grow more quickly, so it's best to plant in late June.

3. Choose a place with plenty of space

Pumpkins need a large area in order to grow and thrive. They also require full sun, so be careful to avoid shades areas. 

4. Plant your seeds

When it's time to start planting, place seeds one to two inches below the ground and space them a few inches apart. 

5. Water and fertilize

If your soil isn't getting enough water from the rain, keep the soil wet by using a sprinkler or watering can. When your plants begin to sprout, continue promoting healthy growth by fertilizing the soil and removing any weeds. 

Forgot to save your pumpkin seeds? No problem! Homestead Gardens has seeds to help you get ready for next fall. 

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