Adding another furry friend to the mix, whether it be a dog or a cat, can be a rewarding experience for both you and your current pet. But bringing home a new pet is also a big adjustment, and it may take time before the two animals start to get along. It's important not to force interaction. Instead, let your pets gradually get to know each other. Enjoy a smoother transition and help each pet ease into the situation by following these five tips.

Introduction Tips

Tip #1 Give your new pet some time to adjust

Rather than making introductions immediately upon returning home with your new pet, first give your new dog or cat some time to adjust to its new home. Living in a new environment is a big enough adjustment on its own, and meeting a new animal might be too overwhelming.

Tip #2 Take it slow

This is crucial. After your new pet has had time to adjust to her new home, you want to make introductions. However, you do not want to push and expect your pets to immediately warm up to each other. Allow them to meet and sniff each other, but then give them their space before either starts to get aggressive.

Tip #3 Have them meet on neutral ground

A dog or cat that has lived with you for months is bound to feel a little territorial, and a new pet is likely to notice. That's why it's best to have them meet on neutral ground, such as a park.

Tip #4 Swap Scents

One easy way to gradually introduce your pets without actually having them in the same room is to get each animal familiar with the other's scent. For example, you can have one dog sleep on the other's bed for a night. This will ease the process and help the dogs feel more comfortable with each other.&

Tip #5 Reward good behavior

Last but not least, it's important that your pets know you want them to get along. After positive interactions, reward your pets to let them know they are doing well. This will likely lead to more positive interactions in the future. At Homestead Gardens, we have an endless assortment of healthy and delicious treats, as well as fun toys you can use to reward both pets!

Tip #6 Relieve Stress

Bringing home a new dog or cat can cause both pets to be stressed, which can then create a more hostile environment. Alleviate stress with products designed to keep pets calm. Homestead Gardens has the D.A.P Diffuser and Feliway, both of which use synthetic copies of the natural pheromone proven to support pets in stressful situations by creating a state of familiarity and security in their local environment.

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