Getting rid of weeds and unwanted grass in your yard can be tricky. While there are many products out there designed to kill weeds, many of them are filled with chemicals that do more harm than good. That's why at Homestead Gardens, we sell all-organic solutions designed to safely eliminate grass and weeds from your landscaping. Here are four products we recommend trying in your own yard. 

How to Safely Eliminate Weeds and Grass from Your Landscaping:

1. All-Organic Weed Preventer from Espoma: This solution is designed to prevent weeds from growing, but it also nourishes your lawn so it can withstand extreme heat or drought. It's also natural and safe for use around both humans and animals. 

2. All-Organic Weed Preventer from Preen: Like the solution above, this weed preventer is safe to use around kids and pets. While Espoma's weed preventer is good for the lawn, this all-organic weed preventer from Preen is great when used in the garden.

3. All-Natural Natria Weed and Grass Killer from Bayer: Despite your best efforts, sometimes weeds or grasses will still pop up in your yard. Use this all-natural solution to get rid of unwanted weeds quickly, as this weed killer can produce results in just 20 minutes.  

4. All-Organic 4-Step Lawn Care System from Espoma: This four-step system is the ideal solution for your yard because it is designed to keep your lawn healthy enough to fight off weeds without additional treatment. 

You don't have to resort to harmful chemicals to eliminate unattractive weeds and grasses. Homestead Gardens has natural solutions that get results without putting your family in danger. Learn more about organic lawn-care solutions by visiting our website today. 

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