Gorgeous gardening doesn't require a big budget. In fact, when you upcycle objects and materials in fresh ways, you not only save money, you make your garden unique and more eco-friendly.

Check out these four easy ideas for repurposing objects in new ways for your home garden projects:

Tin-Can Planters

All those coffee and vegetable cans can get new life in your garden as planters. Simply clean off labels, drill a few holes in the bottom and spray paint in an array of bold colors of your choice. These are perfect for container gardens or accenting an entryway. For more "wow factor," nail cans vertically to fence posts or garden walls. Fill with plants, water and enjoy eye-catching beauty all season long.

fairy garden in broken potBroken Pots

Don't dump those broken terracotta planters in the trash! A little imagination can turn the rubble into a beautiful fairy garden. Use the crack as the opening that serves as the front of the garden. Then use any edges and broken pieces to create stairs and various levels in the pot, along with moss and other fairy-garden-friendly plants of your choice. A cute little fairy-sized sign adds a touch of magic, too!

Fountains and Sinkssedum planted in old fountain

A cracked bird bath, busted water fountain and even old porcelain sinks can add a shabby-chic element to your garden when you fill them with lovely succulents. Sedum, also known as Stonecrop, comes in many colors perfect for these small upcycled projects. Sempervivum, also called Hens and Chicks, is another awesome option, and requires little water to thrive.

Antique Gates and Headboards

An old metal headboard or rustic iron gate can be enjoyed once more as a focal point in a garden. Some people choose to dig these directly into the ground, and the exposed portion is much like a piece of art. Other times they are used as support for vine plants instead of lattice. Still others use them to line pathways or section off meditation spaces. No mater what, they are truly stunning.

How do you upcycle in your garden? Please share your creative ideas so we all can enjoy!

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