We have a great line-up of talks and demo's this weekend at both locations for our Urban Gardening weekend - here's the full schedule.


With all these topics to choose from - square foot gardening, orchids, pickling and canning, herbs, aromatherapy and MORE - the one that interests me most is one called  "Drought-Resistant Perennials for Containers" because A, I love drought-tolerant perennials, especially succulents, and B, they're the key to low-maintenance container gardening (watering being the BIG maintenance required of plants in pots).

Big Event

I'll be there (at 10:00 Saturday 4/20 at the Davidsonville location), but to get myself in the mood I've rounded up some of my favorite photos that illustrate the idea.

In the top photo, French lavender looks gorgeous anywhere but particularly against burnt-sienna-colored walls.  Photo take in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Above, Ice Plant (Delosperma) at its fullest and most colorful, with a bit of Sedum on the left. 

Here's my own collection of succulents in a pot, including a few Ice Plant blossoms.  Also in this pot are some Hens and Chicks (Sempervivum) and a creeping Sedum.  I added a rock or two for effect.

In Portland, Oregon I discovered (and fell for) this dish of Echeveria, Aloe, Sedum and the annual Tradescantia.

In a Raleigh, North Carolina garden this dish of very short plants that may be Sedums still stumps me - what ARE these things?  Plant ID coming soon, I hope.

Awesome collection of Hens and Chicks in the same Raleigh garden.  So blue!

This collection of pots is beautiful without any plants at all, but these greenish-blue plants are the perfect complement.  The tallest is an Agave, which is a plant I dearly want to grow, but it's not cold-hardy enough for Maryland.  Maybe in my next life, in Tucson.

Photo credit:  blue pots with succulents.  Other photos by the author.

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