Ornamental Grasses

Just look at them, in their September glory.  And remember they move, too.  Here are some grassy scenes from the personal garden of Mr. Ornamental Grass Himself, Kurt Bluemel of Bluemel Nursery. It’s nearby in Baldwin, Maryland, so I finagled a short interview and a longer tour and it was quite a day!  The whole Kurt Bluemel story is an interesting one, and I recommend this story about him by the Human Flower Project.


I'm sorry I can’t identify all these grasses for you, but if you explore this group of beautiful and sustainable plants you’ll find dozens of great ones that are available these days, thanks in large part to their biggest champion - Kurt Bluemel.
Can you believe these colors? In the collage below that's Japanese Blood Grass on the left and on the right, Little Bluestem.
Once I start feasting my eyes on photos of grasses, it’s hard to stop, so how about one from Portland, Oregon?  I love the bright skirt of Japanese Forest Grass (Hakonechloa ‘Aureola’).
And this last scene shows the feather reed grass ‘Karl Foerster’ still standing tall in an artsy front garden in my Takoma Park neighborhood.

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