If your lawn doesn't look this good (and whose does?) then don't miss the best time to do something about it - between now and October 15 in our area.  Acting now to thicken up and patch your lawn means that next year it'll not only look and feel better (to kids like this or even grown-ups who like rolling around on it), but have fewer weeds, too.   So get on it!

How to Overseed Your Lawn or Fix Patches

Click here for the step-by-step we reported here on the blog last August - info we still stand by.  It's for cool-season turfgrass like fescues or Kentucky bluegrass that most Marylanders grow, not for warm-season grasses like Zoysia or Buffalograss.

Need to Start a New Lawn?

It's the best time to do this, too.  And if your lawn is 50 percent or more weeds, it's usually suggested that you start from scratch, as though you were just starting that lawn.

For well researched advice on starting new lawns I turned to the University of Maryland's Home and Garden Information Center and found this exhaustive advice about establishing new lawns (also overseeding and renovating lawns).  You may find this link about how to start a new lawn easier to follow, though (I sure would).

Grass Seed We Love

Click here to find out "Why we Carry Jonathon Green Grass Seed".

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