Here's what I'm doing in my garden this month, plus a few chores I recommend to others. 

Ornamental Plants

  • Deadheading perennials, like the Salvias shown above.  (And boy, am I glad I don't have to deadhead that sea of Salvias at the Lurie Garden in Chicago shown here.) Removing dead flowers encourages reblooming.
  • Weeding, weeding and more weeding, though never for very long at a time.  Trying to protect my aging back, ya  know.  After a rain is the easiest time to weed, though it's also the easiest time to cause soil compaction by stepping into borders to remove the weeds.  So I reach a lot, and step gingerly.
  • Watering, or I will be once this monsoon-like weather pattern has left us.  I'll keep close tabs on the plants I've put in the ground this season, and everything in pots (except the succulents, which can be pretty much ignored).
  • I finally removed the ratty daffodil foliage.  We’ve waited long enough, haven’t we? 
  • I'm cutting off the dead blooms on my Spireas plus another 6 inches or so - to keep them the size I prefer and also because some, like the 'Anthony  Waterer' blooming now, will actually rebloom.
  • I'm also deadheading my roses.  I've read that Knockouts and other repeat-bloomers don't really need deadheading, that they'll rebloom anyway, but I prefer the look of roses without dead flowers on them. 
  • And every other week I'm feeding all my annuals, plus the hardy bananas, which I want to get as tall as possible

For Gardeners with Lawns

  • Mow high (to at least 3″) to retain moisture and reduce weeds.
  • Leave the grass clippings on the lawn to provide Nitrogen.  Beyond that, lawns are best not fertilized at all during the summer.  Wait until the fall.


I'm still a newbie when it comes to growing edibles so I refer my garden-coaching clients to these great resources:

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