The Farmers' Almanac is predicting another cold winter, and if the cooler temperatures we've been experiencing lately continue, we'll probably be decked out in boots, hats and mittens before we know it. But what about the furry members of the family? Have you stocked up on warm clothes for your pets to keep them dry and warm this winter season?


The staff at Homestead Gardens Farm and Pet has the following advice to help keep your pets comfortable all winter long:

Doggy Clothes

Not only do performance-fleece jackets, Hurtta winter coats and boots keep Fido warm, but they look great, too! We love the Hurtta Outdoor Winter Jacket because it is waterproof and has built-in reflective lights for walks after dark.hurta-jacket

Kitty Homes

The colder temperatures outside can significantly cool down the house inside, too, and cats are sensitive to those chillier temperatures. Heated cat houses and cat beds will keep your feline friends much more comfortable during the winter months. If you have older cats, they'll appreciate the warm bed.

Sunny Corners

Cats and dogs love to take naps, and there's no better napping spot than in the sun. Keep your drapes open in winter to allow warm rays into the home, providing great napping places throughout the day.paw_thaw

Pet-Friendly Snow Products

When the snow and ice build up on the sidewalk, it makes it difficult to take your dog for a walk. Use pet-friendly products like Paw Thaw to help melt the ice. It is biodegradable and won't irritate your dog's paws, and it helps melt the slippery ice quickly so you can enjoy your walks.

The cold-weather months require a bit of extra work to keep all the members of the family warm and dry, but with these tips, you and your pets can enjoy your time out in the snow or tucked comfortably in the house where you'll be nice and warm!


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