TVs, iPads and video games aren't necessarily bad when enjoyed in small doses, and these devices can actually come in handy during those cold Maryland winters when the kids are cooped up indoors. Now that spring has arrived and summer is shortly on its way, however, it's good to take advantage of the beautiful weather to encourage outdoor activities, such as gardening. Gardening is a great summer activity because you and the kids can enjoy it together. Planting vegetables, fruits and flowers gives young ones the chance to learn more about the natural environment we live in and, of course, an opportunity to play in the dirt! Use these three easy gardening ideas to get started.

Choose Plants That Are Easy to Grow and Have a Short Growing Time

As a mother, no one needs to remind you that kids are impatient. You experience their short attention spans every day! To keep your kids interested in the garden, choose plants that grow quickly and are low maintenance. You'll likely achieve success by growing crops such as cherry tomatoes, sunflowers, carrots and snow peas. 

little girl watering gardenLet Kids Dig Up Holes and Water the Seedlings

Plan out exactly where you want to plant each crop and then let your little ones get their hands dirty! You can teach the kids how deep to make each hole and how much water each seedling should get after the planting is finished. 

Get Crafty With the Kids by Making Fun Plant Labels

When the kids are tired of playing in the garden, give them the opportunity to get crafty instead. You can help them make crop labels using construction paper and popsicle sticks. Remember to laminate each label before bringing them outside!

On a beautiful afternoon, put the screens away and enjoy the warm weather while playing in the dirt. Homestead Gardens has a wide selection of crops and safe organic fertilizers to help you get started. 

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