The winter months aren't always easy on pets, especially in Maryland where the temperature can drop very low. Snow and ice also create difficulties for animals that go outside. To keep your furry loved one safe and warm this winter, keep these tips in mind from the staff at Homestead Gardens:

1. Know Your Pet's Tolerances

Every pet is different. Some have thicker coats, making it easier for them to withstand colder temperatures. Some have big paws, allowing them to traverse the snow and ice easily. Know where you might need to make allowances so your pet can survive the cold.

2. Give Your Pet Comforts

Booties, shelters with heated beds, sweaters and water dish heaters are all important elements to keep your pet warm and safe from the elements outside. If leaving a pet outside for some time, be sure to check on him, even if you provide him with a heated shelter.

3. Don't Forget to Continue Exercising

Cold weather is not an excuse to skip your dog's walk. However, the daylight hours are shorter, which means you might we walking in the dark. Dress your dog with reflective materials on the leash, collar and sweater or coat. Carry a flashlight and use it to illuminate your dog during your walk so car drivers can see him easily.

With some simple precautions, you and your pet will be able to enjoy the colder months in comfort.

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