A beloved tree graces the magnificent holiday again this year-the upside-down chandelier tree. Icy glitter, sparkles, crystal waterfall ornaments lend to a magical wonderland. The leadin photo above is the scrumptious result of Homestead Gardens' signature cookie mixes housed in a natural burlap bag tied with a ribbon and directions. The butter-crispy rich squares come in four flavors.


 Mistletoe is always a tease, but add a huge sparkly crystal and you have IRRESISTABLE! These oversized ornaments have been immensely popular.



Trays, serving platters, festive mugs for coffee, tea or hot chocolate, tiered small-bites servers, all add to mirthful merriment.




Don’t Miss a Detail in Evelyn’s Boutique 

Did you know that Evelyn does stand for Grandma Evelyn aka Evelyn Riddle-Brian's grandmother? Erin, designer, buyer and ideas maven of the Deco department told me it just seems fitting to name the newest department after grandma.

IMG_7385 Scarves galore, hats, muffs, gloves and socks have been chosen for the chill.



The soft cotton sleepwear has been a huge hit since the line has been available in Evelyn's Boutique..


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