No matter how cute your dog is, it has the capability and potential to terrorize your lawn by creating brown spots or digging holes. Proper training can help deter your dog from digging holes or even teach them to use one area of the lawn to relieve themselves, but it's always best to be prepared for the worst. Homestead Gardens' experienced staff has dealt with numerous lawn issues caused by puppies and even the best-trained dogs. Here are some tips to help you spot lawn trouble and determine its cause.

Identify the Damage

burn-spotOne of the best ways to tell if your dog is responsible for creating a burn spot on your lawn is to look at the edges. If you notice a dark ring around the brown, burned-out spot and the dark green grass is growing fast, the damage is probably cause by dog urine. Another way to test is by gently pulling on the damaged patch. If the grass holds firm it can be traced back to the dog, but if the grass and roots pull directly out of the ground, it's more likely a disease or nourishment problem.

Brown Spot Solutions

You can repair your burn spots with Scott's EZ Seed or PatchMaster products. For the best results, loosen the soil before application, then water and watch as thick, beautiful new grass begins to grow with seedlings in the first seven to 10 days.

Another option is to use pet repellent to keep dogs away from certain areas in the lawn. Repellents are exceptionally helpful to keep dogs away from your garden, and they are available in many varieties - one of our favorites at Homestead Gardens is I Must Garden dog and cat repellent granules.

You can also use a number of natural repellents that will irritate the dog without harming it. They won't return to spots treated with these natural repellents:

  • Chili peppers
  • Vinegar
  • Ammonia
  • Citrus

Simply soak a few cotton balls in vinegar or ammonia, or place chili peppers or citrus fruits in the corners of your garden. The potent smell will irritate a dog's sensitive nose and they won't return.

Visit either of Homestead Gardens' locations in Severna Park or Davidsonville, Maryland, to speak with our experienced staff and find the perfect product to solve your lawn needs.


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