Cool temperatures, light rainfalls and beautiful autumn leaves signal that fall is nearly here. These same signs tell your lawn that fall has come and winter is on the way, too. End the season with a bang by rejuvenating your lawn and prepping for the cooler season ahead.

Early autumn is the best time to repair damage, browning or dead spots, fertilize and improve the health of your yard. Follow these five tips to have your yard looking greener, lusher and healthier than ever next spring.

Help Your Lawn Hang On All Winter Long

  1. LawnmowerKnow How to Mow. Continue mowing as needed throughout the fall months. Keep the mower blades high (3” or higher) to encourage healthy roots.
  2. Rake it up. Remove fallen leaves as soon as possible. Leaves that haven’t been cleaned up tend to become a soggy mess that can suffocate grass and breed diseases. Either rake or use a lawnmower with a collection bag to keep on top of the leaves. Compost leaves to use as mulch in the spring.
  3. Agree to Reseed. If your entire lawn looks dry and brown, overseed the whole thing. If only certain areas look bare, reseed only those spots. First, perform a soil test and improve if needed. Then cut grass lower than normal and remove clippings. Level, rake soil smooth and spread Espoma Organic Lawn Starter. With a broadcast spreader, apply a seed that best suits your region and weather. Finally, water.
  4. Prepare with Care. Get your lawn ready for the cooler weather ahead by fortifying it with nutrients. Fertilize now with Espoma’s organic fall winterizer. A fall feeding will promote growth, increase winter hardiness and helps your lawn recover from drought. Apply organic fall winterizer to a dry lawn after you’ve seeded and mowed. Use a drop or broadcast spreader and be certain to overlap slightly to prevent striping. For best results, water lightly after the application if rain is not expected within 24 hours.
    Dog Rolling in Grass
  5. Fido First. Always use organic products. Harsher, chemical lawn products can be eaten, ingested or passed on to your pets (and brought into your home). This exposure has been linked with a higher risk of canine cancer. Keep your dog alive longer by making sure their paws are safe by using organic lawn products.

And just like that, you’re done with lawn care for the summer!



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