Seasonal Design with Rita Calvert

Setting the Stage is Homestead Gardens spectacular Spring Open House theme this year to bridge the gap from trying winter storms to a season filled with sunshine and color.


 Homestead Gardens, promise us that spring is really on the way! That means loads of color after a dreary quite gray winter. Vibrant color everywhere from outdoor and indoor furniture, tabletop furnishes, big COLOR in Evelyn's Boutique and, of course, colorful blooms!


From spring flowers to spring chickens and projects to get your hands dirty, we’ve got a full lineup of seminars, workshops & visiting vendors to inspire & motivate you this spring! 


Fun and funky, this hip sofa is a patchwork of hand painted fabrics and cool designs. 





We don't really need to tell you Edibles Are Happening. The trend is bigger than ever this season and just keeps growing.  "Grow Your Own" is now a standard! The very knowledgable, Charles, of Annuals Department showed me some of the unique herbs just in:

  • White Creeping Thyme
  • White Sage
  • Red Vein Sorrel (gorgeous)
  • Crocodile Tear Geranium 


It may be early in the season, but we have tomato plants to grow inside until sunny warm days are upon us.


 SUC-CU-LENTS...another huge trend for our area! It appears we are loving the easy-care, drama and texture these guys give. 


Michel Design Works (shown above) makes glorious smelling soaps, candles and table top items in extra-charming packaging Homestead Gardens is now carrying more of the different varieties. 


Evelyn's is ready to rock with BIG color! This brilliant scarf (which I will also use as a table runner) will sell out quickly!





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