My recent post about decorating with fresh greens brought back memories of one special Christmas. 

My father was a very practical man. He had no use for things that didn't serve a purpose. So imagine my surprise when one year, Dad announced that he wanted a live Christmas tree as a present. Not just any tree but a blue spruce. I had no idea Dad even new what a blue spruce was!


The Christmas Tree

Being the dutiful daughter, I grabbed my brother and we chipped in for the perfect live tree for Dad. It was about 4 feet tall and had just the right shape to use as a Christmas tree. Dad was pleased with his gift and displayed it prominently in the living room window. The dozens of ornaments we had collected over the years were crammed on that little tree, since Mom was determined to use as many as she could. 

My father proudly showed off his tree to all of our visiting friends and family that year. After Dad's little tree served its purpose for Christmas, we planted in the yard. He never spoke about the tree after that but he tended to it with loving hands. I would often see him pause to admire its growth and beautiful baby blue needles.   

Modern Tree

I now live in my childhood home. When I look out the front window, I see that little tree, now about 25 feet tall. This  stately giant of a blue spruce transports me back about 30 years to an image of Dad in his prime, during a Holiday with a sprightly living tree. 

tree2I wanted to share an example of how living trees and plants can be priceless remembrances. Although my father has been gone for a couple of years now, I feel like I still have my Dad with me whenever I look at that magnificent tree. 

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