Good Deeds

Post-blizzard, we mainly hear about good people shoveling their neighbors' sidewalks and digging out their neighbors' cars.  And I was the beneficiary of that kind of generosity myself, as I discovered last night when I walked home from dinner with one next-door neighbor only to discover that the neighbor on the other side had been clearing my walk in the dark.  He did a great job, too!

And this afternoon everyone was out in the sunshine working on the Big Dig, hoping to someday this week be able to actually drive somewhere.



Good-Neighbor Deeds that may be the Law

But possibly more important than these post-blizzard acts of kindness are some others that are matters of public safety and often mandated by law, though unfortunately not often enforced.  There are two that I know of:

  • Clearing our own sidewalk.  In Takoma Park where I live, we're required to clear our sidewalks within 4 hours of daylight after the snow stops.   I'll never forget one blizzard that left residents walking IN a state highway because the sidewalk along it hadn't been cleared.
  • Clearing snow from our cars before driving them.  There's nothing more dangerous than huge sheets of snow and ice flying off the roof of a car and onto the windscreen of the car in back of it.


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