This month's issue of Garden Design Magazine is the last one we'll ever see.  According to Adweek, Garden Design sold only 189 ad pages in all of 2012, and that's not nearly enough to keep producing a big glossy publication.  The magazine’s readers are being offered a substitute from the other magazines by the same publisher.  (A couple of choices I like are Saveur and Outdoor Life.)

Me, I'd let my subscription lapse years ago, as my own gardening style was coming together and it turned out NOT to be the Southern California style that dominates Garden Design.  And I'm nowhere near rich enough to be tempted by their outdoor furniture.  So for myself, I'm not mourning the loss.

Now for the good news.  There's a fabulous new gardening magazine that's headed up by two Eastern garden designers - Susan Cohan in New Jersey and Michelle Greayer in Massachusetts - and their stable of writers includes many in regions like ours, writing about the plants we know and grow here.   The writers are also among the best in the U.S.!

And best of all for the budget-conscious gardener, it's totally free because it's digital, and has enough advertisers to cover its minimal costs.  (By comparison, Garden Design charged $22/year.)

It's called Leaf and DO check it out!  You'll find its Spring 2013 issue using that link, and click the left arrow to find the four previous issues.  It hit the ground running in the fall of 2011 and has become a big hit among digital magazines. 

Leaf is gorgeous and inspiring, full of the kind of garden design photography and writing I've been pining for all my life.

My favorite articles in the latest issue are the one about how to be a savvy shopper at garden centers, and the spread about a stylized townhouse garden in Brooklyn.

You can sign up via email to make sure you don't miss a single issue.

One complaint, though – I don't have an iPad, which is clearly the device for reading Leaf while in the garden.  Gotta do something about that.

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