Spring is the one time when you actually love getting your hands dirty because it means you're outside working in the garden! To you, there's nothing more relaxing than digging your hands into the fresh earth, while you feel the warm sun on your back. That's why this summer you've decided to expand your garden and spend more time enjoying one of your favorite hobbies. As you continue to plant delicious vegetables and beautiful flowers, make sure to label each crop to prevent any mishaps. These three garden marker DIY ideas are easy and require only a few supplies.  

Attach Seed Packets to Wooden Stakes

If you're planting new vegetables or flowers this year, it's good to have the watering information provided on each seed packet handy in case you forget. Cut a hole in the bottom of your seed packet, slide it onto a wooden stake, and then set up your garden labels next to the correct plant. To prevent your seed packets from getting destroyed in the rain, you can protect each packet by placing an inverted mason jar on top, like this

Get Creative Using Rocks, Paint and Stencils!

If you enjoy getting crafty with art supplies, spend a little time painting and stenciling rocks found in the backyard. You can simply label the rocks with each plant name or paint rocks to match the vegetables you're labeling. For example, paint your pea label green; then use a stencil and a white marker to write down the name. 

Keep the Natural Theme Using Shaved Twigs

After a windy day, take advantage of the fallen twigs to make creative garden labels. Martha Stewart recommends using an old potato peel to shave off the area of the twig you'll be labeling. Then use a permanent marker to write down your vegetables. 

You don't have to spend hours surrounded by paint and other craft supplies to make your own garden markers. These three simple ideas are both creative and easy to accomplish! 


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