Don't put away your garden gloves just yet. Fall is officially here, and there's still yard work to be done! Not only does lawn maintenance keep your yard looking tidy, but it also prevents diseases and reduces the amount of work you have to do later. Here are five cleanup tasks to complete throughout the season.

1. Get rid of damaged plants

No matter how hard you try, some flowers, shrubs, vegetables and trees are just hard to keep alive. Remove any diseased or dead plants you find to keep your yard looking beautiful.

2. Eliminate weeds

Pulling weeds is not just a spring chore. Remove the weeds that have popped up over the summer to protect your healthy plants. You'll thank yourself after winter when there is less work to tackle.

3. Rake up leaves

Leaving a layer of leaves on your lawn is bad for two reasons. First, it smothers your lawn and can inhibit growth. Second, it could promote disease. Rake up your leaves before winter to keep your grass healthy and growing.

4. Remove debris

Broken tree branches and other debris can diminish the look of your landscaping, as well as overall curb appeal. Make it a habit to pick up debris from the lawn before it can affect your yard's appearance.

5. Prune trees

Pruning trees and shrubs can prevent crowding and the spread of disease. Carefully inspect trees and bushes to find areas that should be trimmed or cut off entirely.

A little maintenance before winter sets in will keep your yard looking beautiful for spring. For more fall cleanup tips, stop by your local Homestead Gardens today.

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