Maryland Wants Us to Plant Trees



The Maryland Department of Natural Resources was present and accounted for at our recent Crape Myrtle Festival, doling out really important information about state help for buyers of native trees.   But honestly, what stopped me in my tracks as I passed this poster was, "Gee, who's that good-looking guy?"  Oh yeah, our governor!  Take that, 49 other states!

But on to the important information presented ON the poster - the $25 off the state gives us for every tree we buy of $50 value or more, as long as it's on the Recommended Tree List.   These are our tax dollars at work here, so let's take advantage of the program - Marylanders Plant Trees.

Give the Gift of a Tree

Another state program, Tree-Mendous Maryland, encourages everyone to give trees to those hard-to-buy-for friends and family, even if they're apartment-dwellers.   Your donation of $40 to the state enables a native tree to be planted on public land somewhere in Maryland - in a park or a schoolyard or along a stream or creek where they'll attract birds, help shade streets, improve the air and water quality, reduce soil erosion, and add beauty to our surroundings.  Then a "beautiful certificate announcing your gift will be mailed to the recipient in your name."  Nice!

Just click here to buy a thoughtful gift that'll last for generations.

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