Masses of Daylilies

Happy Independence Day!  Enjoy the parades, the cook-outs and the fireworks.  Stay cool and keep your garden watered.  But there's one more thing - enjoy the glorious daylilies at their peak.

Why Daylilies?

What's not to love about perennials that are as pest-resistant and drought-tolerant as daylilies?  Also they come in every imaginable color and a range of shapes - over 70,000 named varieties, and counting.  Seen up close, as they're usually photographed, they're interesting but today let's appreciate them in impressive sweeps, as they're used in these photos from around the world.


Simple orange daylilies along a roadside.


Photo credits:  yellow with bird bathroadside orange, in Japanin Indiana, on Prince Edward Island.  Daylilies in Buffalo and Delaware by Susan Harris.

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