Wow, it's finally happening - spring in the Mid-Atlantic - and there's lots to do in the garden. (Also, lots to see in other people's gardens - hope you're going on some spring garden tours.)  There's so much we could be doing this month, but here's what I'm really doing.


Above, my go-to annuals include Sweet Potato Vine, Petunias and Coleus.

In my borders, I'll keep on planting - and moving already-planted plants around.  (Those of us who are gardening-addicted can't stop moving our plants.  We tweak constantly.)  Then I'll keep them wateredfor at least the first week, and keep a close eye on them for the next month or so, or the whole season for some of them.

Actea Daffodils

Above, these Actea daffodils bloom late - now - so won't need deadheading for a while.

I deadheaded all the daffodils but will keep the foliage intact until it gets really ratty.

I've already mulched the borders, but every time I plant something new or move something old, that disturbs the mulch and I have to add more.  That's why I keep mulch on hand all season long.

By mid-month I'll start cutting back the too-tall perennials to keep them shorter (and bushier) and thus prevent their flopping.  I'm looking at you, asters!

And of course, I'll be weeding like crazy all month.

Because my garden is new and the perennials haven't become the stunning masses of gorgeousness I hope they'll be (next year?) I've bought tons of annuals and planted them in the perennial borders.  Annuals need regular feeding - every 7-10 days or so - so that's on my May To-Do List.

My trees and shrubs are all looking good now but after they've finished blooming I'll be giving the old Azaleas a good renewal pruning (removing one-third of the stems to the ground).   Notice in the top photo the combination of hybrid Azaleas with the deciduous native type that's blooming in a crazy orange? 

The same treatment is in store for my Abelias, and if I had old Spireas, Deutzias, Forsythias, Mockorange, or Weigelas I'd be giving them the same treatment.  

I don't have a lawn in my small townhouse garden, so I'm happy to pass on the mowing.

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